SiP Coffeebar 10th Anniversary

This July, we will celebrate Sip Coffeebar’s 10th anniversary. I can’t believe how fast the time has passed and how different our lives are from when we started. Just eleven years ago, Rachel and I were working office jobs and dreaming of the day we would own our own business. Friends since college, our minds had often buzzed with possibilities, maybe a bookstore, maybe a bar, maybe a gift shop? When we strung together our love of cooking and baking and coffee, the idea of SiP Coffeebar was born. While working our full-time jobs, we planned and plotted and got to work on the process of opening a coffee café. It took us a full year to bring our idea to life.

At first, just Rachel and I worked the shop. We had abbreviated hours, morning to mid afternoon, so we could manage the shifts just the two of us. Every afternoon, I went to my job in the editorial department of a children’s publishing company. (I was working about 80 hours a week at that point between the two, and yet it hardly felt like work.). Running your own coffee shop is thrilling and challenging.  It requires you to wear many hats. As we grew our business and expanded our hours (and started families with our husbands), we soon couldn’t do it alone. Our SiP family now includes bakers, baristas, and cooks. And, most importantly, our family includes you…SiP customers of the past, present, and future! We look forward to getting to know you for the next ten years!

Annie Galloway